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Master's Clinics

As a Masters rower, how often are you able to take the time to really analyze the effectiveness of your technique with the help of a professional coach?

Competitive masters rowers certainly train hard enough, but there are many seconds to be gained by going back to the fundamentals of the stroke. It is possible to lay a whole new platform for increased speed by becoming more efficient through a better understanding of the physics of rowing, and better adapting your musculature to its requirements.
Through digital video analysis and becoming aware of how you are missing inches to feet per stroke of easily acquired purchase on the water, you can gain significant speed in one of these clinics. Learning to relax and eliminate extraneous muscular involvement can be another source of speed.

Master's clinics are available for sweep and/or sculling. All levels are welcome to participate. The duration of each clinic varies depending upon interest and topics covered, typically 1 to 5 days. The topics covered include the following, but are not limited to:


  • Establishing an image of Sound Rowing
  • Learning to row from the "core", finding your power
  • Finding the connection, and how to "hang" your body weight on the oar handle to develop a powerful drive
  • Hand position, connecting to the oar, and how to translate hand movements into clean blade-work
  • Mechanics and timing of the finish
  • Getting the boat to set up at the finish and maximizing "send"
  • Mechanics and timing of the catch
  • Minimizing check in the boat
  • Developing swing in the boat
  • Racing starts
  • Mechanics of the start -- how to get the boat away quickly and smoothly and settle into a powerful rhythm
  • Rigging, pitch, spread, inboard/outboard, foot stretcher adjustments: fore and aft angle, shoe height, finding your "sweet spot".

To learn more about upcoming clinics near you or to inquire about hosting a clinic, please contact us to discuss the details. We look forward to helping you.

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Teaching Coaches Clinics

"Teaching Coaches How to Teach Rowing"

Clinics are designed to help coaches at all levels develop or enhance their teaching skills by being coached by a master coach with 48+ years of coaching on the intercollegiate and international level.

Rowing is a complex motor skill requiring precise repetitive motion. It is critical to know how to teach correct fundamentals from the very first days of rowing. Or if you inherit rowers with flawed technique, how to undo the damage of thousands of repetitions of misguided neurological pathways.

These clinics are designed to give each participant a complete understanding and rationale for each aspect of the stroke and how to teach it.

By rowing and being coached and observing others being coached, you will learn to teach a skill by learning a skill. That does not mean that you will become an accomplished rower during this clinic, but you will have experienced and hopefully embodied what you are trying to teach, thereby enhancing your ability to properly instruct your athletes. (You do NOT have to be fit to participate in this clinic.)

Coaches clinics are available for sweep and/or sculling and all levels are welcome to participate.  The duration of each clinic varies depending upon interest and topics covered, typically 1 to 5 days.  The topics covered include the following, but are not limited to:

  • "What IS good rowing?" Establishing your image and model of the rowing motion you are trying to teach
  • Understanding the “power train”
  • Rowing from the “Core”. Coupling the legs and back for optimal power
  • Connecting to your power through the hands, arms and lats
  • Teaching the drive. What facilities are available? Using the erg to teach. Other simple teaching devices. Hands on coaching.
  • The importance of body preparation, including connection to the latissimus dorsi and other supporting muscles, correct shoulder girdle position to maintain lat connection and facilitation of blade movement to the water at the catch.
  • Suspending the body weight on the oar handle from catch to finish. Connecting with the lats, and how that ties in with the catch.
  • How to make the catch. Timing the catch with your slide. Minimizing check at the catch.
  • Slide control. What is it and how do you teach it? How to row with the speed of the boat.
  • Hand position, rolling up, feathering, how to use the oar and oarlock to minimize your work and maximize your blade control.
  • Differentiating the movements of the inside and outside hands and arms.
  • Mechanics of the finish. Sustained drive, balance, and clean releases.
  • In-the-boat drills for teaching different aspects of the stroke. Putting it all together.
  • Coaches critiquing coaches or bring a video of your favorite coaching "project"


To learn more about upcoming clinics near you or to inquire about hosting a clinic, please contact us to discuss the details.  We look forward to helping you. 

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Hosting Site Details


Any organization can host a RowSkills "Teaching Coaches How To Teach Rowing" clinic as a private or regional function.

  1. This clinic is designed to enhance each coach's ability to teach rowing by having them be coached in the boat, rowing tanks, ergometer, and on land, by RowSkills Master Coach, Buzz Congram and/or observe Buzz coaching their peers.

  2. The minimum number of coach/participants would be 9, including a coxswain. The maximum number would be 18, and one or two coxswains. During the on-the-water workouts, half of the group rows in the shell, while the other half observes from the launch. During the on-land sessions ALL participants are physically involved.

  3. RowSkills would use your facilities, (boathouse, one four or eight, eight ergometers, and enough launches to carry the observing coaches. RowSkills will provide a digital video camera, the host will provide a TV monitor for playback and analysis.

  4. With your help, a date would be set that would allow maximum participation by coaches from your organization and other area organizations. RowSkills would rely on your help in soliciting participation by using your knowledge of potential interested parties.

  5. The minimum length of the clinic is two days. If there is a long three day weekend it could easily be stretched into three days.

  6. Individual participants are responsible for overnight accommodations and meal arrangements.

  7. RowSkills will send application, registration, and waiver forms to the host organization contact person.

  8. The fee for the clinic varies depending on the number of participants and the transportation, housing and meal expenses of RowSkills staff.


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