Buzz Congram, a Master Coach with over 48 years of coaching at the high school, club, collegiate and international level is now offering a variety of coaching services to the rowing community including:

  • Private Ergometer, Sweep, or Sculling Lessons
  • Master’s Sweep or Sculling Clinics (Men and Women)
  • Teaching Coaches "How To Teach Rowing" Clinics
  • Visiting Coach Consultations

The latest developments in the design of racing shells, oars, and oarlocks all promote greater efficiency in using the water and the body weight of the rower to push the boat through the water effectively. It is how the rower molds his/her musculature around that precise and optimal movement of the oar handle(s) and blade(s) that can either interfere with, or enhance the speed of the boat.  More often than not, the muscular effort of the rower takes the oar handle and blade away from it’s optimal motion.

Tapping into his many years of coaching experience, a passion for teaching and an in depth knowledge of the sport, Buzz Congram can help you improve your rowing and/or coaching. In essence, you will learn how to produce more speed with less effort, and have a complete rationale for how it works.

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