RowSkills Testimonials

Buzz Congram took me from the middle of the pack, right to the front. He got me focused on the skills that allowed me to win the 2009 US Nationals Masters Heavyweight and Lightweight "E" single sculls titles this year. His coaching is direct, clear, and indispensable for those who want to reach the top of their game.

~ Mike van Beuren
(Upper Valley Rowing)

This was the most effective camp ever attended. Because of the teaching skills of Buzz Congram, the off the water "how to" sessions were very effective and the individual attention to make YOU do what is asked for was most effective. The camp concentrated on getting it done correctly- not conditioning, not racing, not theory, but having the coach come out of his launch to show you and spending as much time as necessary to make it happen was extraordinary!!!! So I came away with a sense of how to and why, and if not, why not. So the skills can be accepted, practiced and reinforced with the rationale as to WHY it is the right way to do it----(VERY IMPORTANT FOR MASTERS)

~ Malcom Gefter
(Cambridge Boat Club, USRowing Master's Sweep Clinic)

Individual attention by a coach of the caliber of Buzz Congram is something that you can never get enough of. Even if you have been rowing with different details of execution for twenty or thirty years, the concepts and guidance would improve the execution and efficiency anyone's stroke. You can't beat more speed for less effort.

~Bob Brayton
(Occoquan Boat Club, USRowing Master's Clinic)

Thank you again for the great coaching at the camp this past weekend. I feel like I learned a lot of new things, and am thinking about some of the old things in a new light. I only wish that the rest of my boat had attended.

~Denman James
(Hartford Barge and Paddle, USRowing Master's Sweep Clinic)

With the wisdom you imparted to me, I spent the spring coaching a very beginning bunch of kids. It was as though I, and 3 others who also took your clinic, were herding cats. Lots of vibes bouncing off the boats, but we finally managed to have them row decently and with some knowledge of what is involved in rowing well. A few of them will manage to go onto the high school teams. Your words about patience and breaking the stroke down into its parts were extremely helpful.

~Bill Ollinger
(Marin Rowing Association, Teaching Coaches Clinic)

Wow! I just wanted to let you know that I continue to be impressed with how much you contributed to my sculling. It does feel like I have a new foundation not just for speed but for any sculling. Thanks!

~ Al Chase
(Lake Merritt Rowing Club, private sculling lesson)

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