Visiting Coach Consultations

"Visiting Coach" services can be arranged for one to seven day periods. Buzz will work with the coaching staff of any club, high school, or collegiate program to observe, guide, offer suggestions, and/or work directly with the athletes as the coaches observe. The emphasis is on providing support, education, and constructive suggestions about coaching technique. This can be done within the framework of the "style" adopted by each coach or program. Coaching is an art form with room for elements of style and emphasis, but the basics of well-timed catches, clean finishes, effective rhythm, and solid power application must be part of that "style".

Respect for, and sensitivity to, each coach's comfort level is an important element to the success of this approach. YOU determine the level of my involvement with your program and athletes. YOUR goals are the main consideration in determining how you want to be supported. I am there to support you at whatever level you are comfortable with.

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